Falcon Medik

Soaring To Greater Heights


At Falcon Medik, our aim is to deliver affordable  medicine and traditional medicine to our beloved country Malaysia and subsequently become the leader in  ASEAN region. 

Falcon Medik is the only distributor in ASEAN region for Salve Pharmaceuticals; a leading R&D conglomerate  which designs cutting edge skin products that fulfills pharmaceutical audit testing.

Medicine Division: Generic Medicine
Falcon Medik understand the needs of the population and with rising healthcare cost, the need for affordable medicine is crucial to maintain our aging lifestlye. We strive to source for proven quality generic in mature market and extend its availability to ASEAN region.

Medicine Division: Traditional Medicine
The demand for Ayurvedic or Traditional Chinese Medicine has created many opportunities. Very often many companies  capitalise on this demand and some are in just to make money with little regards to efficacy & safety.
Falcon Medik takes pride in ensuring that the products we offer is of quality, efficacy and safety because the founders of this company are Healthcare professionals and understand the need for GMP, QC and Health Authority Audits.