Falcon Medik

Soaring To Greater Heights

Who Are We?

At Falcon Medik, our aim is to deliver medicine and traditional medicine first to Malaysia and to ASEAN region. 

With a combined management experience of more than 20 years in the pharmaceutical & medical industry in Asia, we are a dedicated team of professionals who have good contact and engagement in the various countries' healthcare industry.

Our primary focus will be Malaysia, as this is the company's birthplace. We cater to the needs of local healthcare players of clinics, pharmacies, hospitals and also government hospitals.

Our Products , Our Commitment

Some of our products are designed by practicing healthcare professionals and therefore we are able to provide a unique product range.

We sourced only from reputable manufacturers which has been audited by health authority of Malaysia and various regulatory authority.  Our products are tested based on regulatory requirements and we are committed to delivering only the best proven products to you

We believe in GMP, WHO and ISO standards in the manufacturing of our products and therefore we will only market these products. 

Quality healthcare does not mean expensive price but spending wisely to cut cost. 

Our management team believe in quality training of associates and no frills promotional activities that change and shape the industry